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Why Poland?

Reasons for entering the Polish market



is the largest wine importer in Central-Eastern Europe.

Poland is a small wine importer compared to large Western European countries. However, Poland is the largest wine importer in Central and Eastern Europe, with wine imports amounting to €212 million in 2015, showing an average annual increase of 1.7% since 2011. Since there is no significant domestic wine production in Poland, wine consumption mainly consists of imported wines.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency Report (see more here)


is the fifth most attractive wine market in the world.


According to Global Compass 2020 report, Poland climbed nine places from 2019. This jump in ranking can be attributed to a growing wine drinking population and an increase in disposable income, both of which are taken into account when calculating wine market attractiveness, along with other economic and specific wine market metrics. 

Wine Intelligence (see more here)

In Poland

sales of wine are growing faster than sales of vodka and beer.

The wine market has grown 9% over the past year. Sparkling wines sell best, with sales up by 20% and half a billion PLN spent on them. Also the sales of aromatized wines increased by 32% with PLN 200 million spent on them. Table wine sales increased by 5% (up to PLN 2.1 billion).

Agroberichten Buitenland (see more here)

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