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Terms & Conditions

of the Choice of Poland World Wine Trade Awards 2023

General Introduction
The Choice of Poland World Wine Trade Awars (Awards) is a competiton for all the types of grape wines, from all wine-growing regions around the world, organised by Czas Wina publishers. The aim of the Awards is to assist wine producers in finding an importer in Poland and boost the sales of the wines entered. The jury of the Awards consisting of the representatives of Polish importing companies delivers an independent and unbiased verdict on the wines, ensuring that the contest is both fair and professional.
1. Participation in the contest
  1. By submitting an on-line registration, the participant accepts the conditions of the competition as well as the verdicts of the Awards.
  2. Participation is restricted to bottled wines.
  3. Eligible are all producers and marketers worldwide of still, sparkling, semi-sparkling and liqueur wines and products for direct human consumption as permitted by Annex VII Part II of Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 for wine. Participants shall be responsible for the marketability of their wines.
  4. Tasting samples must be received by the Awards office between 15th September and 5th October 2024.
  5. Tasting samples not submitted by the stipulated deadline may be excluded from the competition.
  6. There is no limit on the number of products a participant is allowed to enter for the contest. The wines must comply with the production and labelling provisions of the relevant third countries and/or EU regulations.
  7. Each submission consists of three bottles. At the time of registration, at least 100 bottles must still be available for purchase from the participant.
  8. Only duty-paid and carriage-paid samples are accepted.
  9. A complete product pass, featuring all the required details, must be available for each sample, although the data can still be corrected after the submission up to 15th September. The details indicated on the product pass shall remain binding for all publications, documents and awards.
2. Fees
  1. A submission fee is incurred for each sample submitted. The fee covers the cost of receiving and storing the samples, travel expenses and accommodation for a jury, organising the competition, as well as the preparation of the awards and documents undertaken by the Awards office.
  2. The submission fees are EUR 120 net for one submitted sample, EUR 110 net for each of two submitted samples, EUR 100 net for each of three samples, EUR 90 net for each of four or more submitted samples.
  3. Participants submitting five samples will be allowed to enter three further samples free of charge.
  4. Submissions paid for before 10th April 2024 will qualify for an additional 20% discount. 
  5. Receipt by the Awards of full payment of the submission fees is a prerequisite for taking part in the competition.
  6. Registration implies a commitment to pay the suitable fee regardless of actual participation.
3. Jury & Tasting
  1. A highly qualified jury comprising professional wine traders will taste the wines blind (the jury will be informed only about the category of successive wines, their vintage, varieties and possible barrel ageing/fermenting).
  2. Wines will be arranged in a tasting according to their product category, origin, quality level and flavour, and evaluated in accordance with the international 100-point scheme of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).
  3. The wine tasting will take place in October.
  4. The wines will be given from one to five stars in four ex-works price ranges, following the pattern below: 
  •  <3,5 EUR   ***** >87  **** >86    *** >85  ** >84
  •  <7   EUR    ***** >89  **** >87    *** >86  ** >85

  •  <12 EUR    ***** >91   **** >89   *** >87  ** >86

  •  <18 EUR    ***** >92   **** >90   *** >88  ** >87

  •  >18 EUR    ***** >93   **** >91   *** >89  ** >88

    5. After the blind tasting session jurors will be presented with the samples and score 
       exclusively their apperance (label, bottle, general layout, attractivness etc.). 10% of the best 
       scored wines will get one more star added to their final evaluation. The wine receiving the
       highest score will be given an additional prize for the Most Refined Wine of the Show 2024. 
   6. Additionaly the the following prizes will be announced based on the blind tasting results:
       The Best Wine in the Show 2024, The Best New World Wine 2024, The Best Dessert Wine
       2024, The Best Sparkling Wine 2024. 
4. Publication of the results
  1. All the wines submitted to the Awards that would receive at least two stars will appear on the Awards website and will be disseminated by the media sponsors of the contest. 
  2. The 12 best wines of the contest will be presented at a special masterclass for VIP buyers at the international wine fair Enoexpo (Kraków, November 2024). The remaining samples will be used for educational purposes.
5. Use of Awards
  1. The winners may use the awards and logos from the Awards for labelling and advertising. 
  2. Only the original medals produced and distributed by the Awards may be used for labelling.
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