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Polish importers

The Choice of Poland World Wine Trade Awards lets the best importers in Poland judge which wines are best suited to the market right now.

We are waiting for Your wines to 5th October

Break into the 

Polish wine market

Show your wines to those who make decisions

Poland is a country of 38 million people, with increasing interest in and consumption of wine.

What we offer is not just another regular wine competition. It is a unique opportunity to send samples that will be tasted, scored and described not by wine journalists or enologists, but by the experts who know best what their market is ready for – the very people who import and distribute wine.


Planning to enter the Polish market? Why don't you start here?


Award Process

Your wines

will be tasted and scored by Polish wine importers

Your wines

will be presented

 on our website

The best 12

wines will be presented at

a special masterclass

All wines scored with ** or above will be given medals

"A wine can be excellent and it is still not enough. The question is,

whether it fits the market". 

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